Our names are Woffles & Pumpkin.

We are 6-year old mini lop rabbits. Woffles is a cashmere mini lop with harlequin/butterfly markings, while Pumpkin is a mini lop with Japanese harlequin markings.

We are dearly loved resident bunnies who live on-site at Willow Woods Bunny Boarding, where we have our own luxury pen furnished with custom-made bunny towers, our favourite timber tunnel and heaps of bunny toys.

We are very friendly bunnies. We love people. Pats and treats are a must (in fact, lots of them). So pop by our play pen to say hello to us. We are the only rabbits which you can pat in Willow Woods.

If any of our toys grab your attention, you may purchase brand new pieces from our shop, which is an online shop that stocks pet rabbit food, treats, hay, toys, supplies and equipment. Some of our products suit guinea pigs as well.

You must not pat the bunny boarders and cavy campers who are holidaying with us. Instead, you may enjoy photos of bunny boarders and cavy campers by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

Please also be kind to our hoomins, who work hard to keep the entire boarding facility clean and safe for the many regular guests on holiday with us.

Love & Kisses,

Our Shop

Willow Woods Lapin Luxury is primarily an online shop, which stocks hay, pellets, toys and equipment for rabbits and guinea pigs. A small shop, which displays all items, is located in the reception of Willow Woods Bunny Boarding & Willow Woods Cavy Camp.

All rabbit and guinea pig food, toys and equipment have been carefully selected on the basis that they appear to be suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs. We are happy to be informed privately via email if any of these have been found to be unsuitable, and will remove them off our shelves immediately. In the same spirit, we are happy to receive suggestions on products which you would like us to stock.

Generally, the shop is not open to the public for browsing. However, anyone who already has an appointment for boarding check-in/check-out, grooming or tour of our facilities is welcome to browse through the shop. Being a small hobby business, it is not possible to keep the shop open for browsing throughout the day.