We run an online shop with a shop front located at Willow Woods Bunny Boarding & Willow Woods Cavy Camp.

As a small hobby business driven by our passion for rabbits and guinea pigs, we stock hay, pellets, toys and equipment for rabbits and guinea pigs.


Shop photo

We have carefully selected a range of toys and equipment, which we believe are suitable for bunnies. We are happy to be informed privately via email if any of these have been found to be unsuitable, and will remove them off our shelves immediately. In the same spirit, we are happy to receive suggestions on products which you would like us to stock.

Generally, the shop is not open to the public for browsing. However, anyone who already has an appointment for boarding check-in/check-out, grooming or inspection is welcome to browse through the shop. Being a small hobby business, it is not possible to keep the shop open for browsing throughout the day.