Best Rabbit Hide-Outs & Castles

It’s part of a rabbit’s natural instinct to burrow and hide. As prey animals, rabbits feel more comfortable having somewhere to retreat into. Indoor rabbits don’t always have the ability to satisfy their natural instincts. You may often find them lying in a corner of the room, under a table or chair, or squished between tight spaces. Read on for some ideas on the best rabbit hide-outs and castles you can make!

Cardboard Rabbit Hide-Outs

Short of spending DIY hours making fancy timber houses and castles, here are some suggestions on how you can furnish your homes for your rabbits for a fraction of the cost!
– Pick up clean cartons from Bunnings or other retailers, cut a hole and leave the rest of the ‘renovation’ work to your bunny.
– The cubby at the bottom of cat trees which you can easily pick up from most pet shops, Kmart or ‘$2’ shops.
– Drape a blanket over a chair or stool and fasten it with cable ties.

Do note that cardboard hide-outs, houses and castles may not last as some rabbits may spend hours ‘renovating’ them to satisfy their chewing instincts. It may be worthwhile spending a little bit more to purchase one made of timber. Although there will still be chew marks, timber houses will last for a longer period of time and thus be more cost effective in the long run.

Buy a Timber Rabbit Hide-Out

If you have the budget to purchase something for your bunny, here’s a suggestion: A curved-roof timber home.

Make Your Own Rabbit Hide-Outs and Castles

There are also timber castles available on the market. But if you are handy with tools and love to DIY with timber, here are a couple of videos which may inspire you!

DIY Rabbit Play House

If you are into DIY, here’s a video showing how you may make a cardboard rabbit play house.

DIY Bunny Castle

If a cardboard rabbit play house is too easy for you, how about building a bunny castle?