Travelling with Rabbits Using a Stroller

With more and more of us living in apartments, travelling with rabbits via public transport is increasingly commonplace.

Lugging a pet carrier up a bus, tram or train can sometimes be daunting, if you have giant rabbits or a big family of rabbits, their weight simply adds up. Besides hitting the gym to build up our muscles, you can travel with giant rabbits or multiple rabbits with relative ease using a pet stroller.

Clearly, not all pet strollers are made the same, so ensure that the one you buy suits your needs.

What should I consider when choosing a pet stroller?

Your rabbit’s stroller should be:


Ensure that the stroller is designed to take the weight of your rabbits and then some, to allow for weight of a toilet tray, water bottle and so on.


Consider whether a stroller with 3 wheels or 4 wheels suit your requirements better.


You may be pushing the stroller on all sorts of terrain eg. flat road, pavement, lawn, bumpy road and so on. Shock absorbers to soften the bouncing of tyres will make the trip more comfortable for your rabbit.


A stroller with a cover that can be zipped up will allow you to contain your rabbits safely, ensuring that you are not able to hop out or grabbed away by a dog/cat. Mesh covers are great as they allow airflow, while ensuring that mosquitoes are kept at bay.

Other Considerations

Unfortunately, most pet strollers were made with dogs in mind. It is difficult to find a pet stroller that is completely chew-proof. You can reduce the likelihood of your rabbit damaging the stroller by placing a few chew toys in the stroller. Cardboard rolls, apple branches/twigs and willow balls will help to distract your rabbit from chewing the interior of the stroller.

Lining the interior of the stroller with blankets will also delay the extent of damage by your rabbit’s chewing habits.


What To Put Inside the Stroller 

Access to Hay:

For short trips, a small quantity of hay for your rabbit to munch on will suffice. For longer trips, it’ll be a good idea to top up their hay regularly.

Access to Water

For short car trips, a water bottle will suffice. However, if your rabbit is not used to drinking from a bottle, you can consider bringing along a bowl, so that you can stop and give your rabbit some water during the journey. A small quantity of leafy vegetables will also help to keep your rabbit hydrated during the trip.

Absorbent Lining

An absorbent lining, such as a puppy pad, towel or sheet will help to keep your rabbit dry, in case of toilet accidents.


Place a folder towel or blanket in the stroller to provide cushioning.

Familiar Items

Having at least one item which your rabbit is familiar with will provide some comfort and re-assurance during the trip. This could be their favourite toy, a blanket or even a shirt you’re your scent on it.

Travel Companion

If you have 2 or more rabbits, travelling together allows them to comfort each other during the journey. As far as possible, let them share the same pet stroller instead of separating them during the journey.


We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to travel safely with your rabbit. Here’s a video which you might also enjoy watching!