Burgess Food Pellets

Rabbit nuggets and guinea pig pellets

With our range of Burgess food nuggets and pellets for your rabbit or guinea pig, we’re sure to have something to tickle their tastebuds and suit the nutritional needs of your small pet.

Along with standard rabbit and guinea pig Burgess pellets, we have a range of options for specific dietary requirements, such as light nuggets for overweight rabbits, nuggets for junior and dwarf rabbits, and indoor adult rabbit pellets.

Looking for something else for your small pet? We’ve got a great range of products for rabbits and guinea pigs, including boxed small pet care bundles, pet cookies, dried flowers and herbs, dried fruit, hay, small pet houses and hideouts, rabbit and guinea pig toys, Oxbow and more.

Contact us to make a back-order for any Burgess items that you wish to purchase, including those that are not listed on our website.