Willow Woods Treasure Trove
Willow Woods Treasure Trove
Willow Woods Treasure Trove is a monthly surprise treat and toy pack for guinea pigs and bunnies. The contents are changed every month. All packs include treat cookies, dried flowers/herbs/fruit and at least one toy. Photos shown is of previous Treasure Troves. Birthday and Christmas orders will be gift-wrapped upon request. Note:
  1. Treasure Troves cannot be sent to Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions. No compensation will be offered by Orie Pty Ltd t/a Willow Woods Lapin Luxury if your package is confiscated. http://www.quarantinedomestic.gov.au
  2. Treasure Troves will be sent either in boxes or satchels, to achieve the lowest possible delivery cost, bearing in mind that the empty boxes cost $0.80 each.
  3. The maximum delivery cost for one pack of Treasure Trove is $8.55 via Auspost small prepaid satchel, if no other items are added to your order. If the courier costs quoted by our website are higher than $8.55, the excess charges will be refunded when your order is processed.
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