Toys Bundle - Mix and match up to 10 items

Give your bunny or guinea pig the ultimate treat with a mix and match toy bundle. With so many fun options, your rabbit or guinea pig will be able play to their little heart’s content.

Choose up to 10 items to combine into one box and save on shipping!

Please note: only 2 or 3 of the larger items below can fit in the box, along with up to 7 smaller items.

  • Chill N Snooze Bed
  • Hyacinth Tunnel (Large)
  • Sea Grass Tunnel (Large)
  • Woven Play Tunnel (Jumbo)
  • Woven Stack N Hide Den

Do not opt for this toys bundle if you are purchasing a 5 kg box of Oaten Hay or 5 kg box of Grass Hay, as you can add toys, hay toppers, dried fruit, etc. to that box instead, thus saving on shipping costs. (Otherwise, the shipping calculator will calculate shipping based on 2 separate boxes.)

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Woodies 3D Carrot


Carrot Toy 'n' Treat Holder


Banana Leaf Carrot Stuffer


Mini Sisal Carrots


Loofa Hoola


Carrot Dream Catcher


Blossom Tower


Foraging Cylinder


Chill N Snooze Bed


Sea Grass Tunnel (Large)


Woven Play Tunnel (Jumbo)


Woven Stack-n-Hide Den


Hyacinth Tunnel (Large)


Bamboo Dumbbell


Fruit 3D Nibble Stix


Rattan Wobble Ball (Large)


Seagrass Fun Ball (Large)


Apple Twigs (30 g pack)


Apple Twigs (70 g Pack)


Apple Twigs (150 g Pack)


Out of stock

Cane Balls (Pack of 2)


Carrot Chew


Rosewood 6 pk Woodies Play Carrots


Corn Chew


Woodies 3D Veg Nibble Stix


Loofah Chew (2 Pack)


Rosewood Naturals Trio Of Fun Balls (Medium)


Straw Radishes


Wood Chew (Kiwi)


Wood Chew (Orange)


Wood Chew (Watermelon)


Woven Chill 'N' Scratch Mat (X Large)


Hula Roller


Out of stock

Salsa Garland


Rustle Rollers


Maze-A-Log Treat Challenge


Grape 'n' Gnaw


Fruit Shaped Nibble Stix


Floral Hanging Basket


Loofa Toss 'n' Treat Roller


Out of stock

Carrot & Strawberry Gnaw Treats


Grass Ball with Bell (6 cm)


Grass Ball with Bell (10 cm)


Trixie Small Animal Grass House


Natwood Roll with Bell


Corn Rattle Rollers


Woven Play 'N' Hide Boot


Woodies Flower Garland


Chill N Chew Mat


Dried Apple Chips


Woodies Caterpillar


Willow Ball


Willow Bundle


Willow Dumbbell


Alfalfa Sprouts


Coco Fibre Ball


Coconut Munch Mobile


Out of stock

Maize Coronet


Maize Balls


Wooden Chews for Rabbits


Alfalfa Carrots


Bunny Treat n Toy Ball


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Carton size: 60 cm (L) by 40 cm (W) by 41 cm (H)

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 60 × 41 × 40 cm