Rabbit Care Tips

Rabbits are often thought to be low maintenance pets. However, any experienced pet bunny owner (aka slave or hoomin) will attest to the fact that rabbits require a lot of care. Hop onto this page regularly as there will be articles added from time to time with various tips on how to care for your rabbit.

Hay for Rabbits’ Diet

Hay is good for rabbits and is the single most important staple in a rabbit’s diet. In fact, vets recommend that a rabbit’s diet should consist of 80% hay, 10%

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Best Rabbit Hide-Outs & Castles

It’s part of a rabbit’s natural instinct to burrow and hide. As prey animals, rabbits feel more comfortable having somewhere to retreat into. Indoor rabbits don’t always have the ability

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Rabbit Toys

Like dogs and cats, rabbits are intelligent creatures who require mental stimulation and physical exercise. They require toys which satisfy their innate need to hide. Keeping a solitary rabbit in

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