Like dogs and cats, rabbits are intelligent creatures who require mental stimulation and physical exercise. They require toys which satisfy their innate need to chew and hide. Keeping a solitary rabbit in a tiny cage without toys is likely to result in boredom and depression.

Not all rabbits enjoy the same toys. Some love to rip telephone books or boxes, while others keep them intact. Some rabbits love toys that make noise and will fling toys with bells. Some love tossing toilet rolls and unstacking stacking cups.

Most rabbits love tunnels and hide-outs, as these mimic their natural environment where they burrow and hide underground at any sign of danger.

Woffles Gym

Some suggestions for rabbit toys:

  • Cardboard houses
  • Cardboard tunnels (just pick up an assortment of boxes from Bunnings)
  • Fabric tunnels
  • Grass balls
  • Hanging toys
  • Old blanket or towel, to bunch up and re-arrange
  • Paper bags
  • Paper cups
  • Paper towel rolls
  • Phone books
  • Plastic container (eg. empty plastic butter bottle) with something inside to make it rattle
  • Plastic keys (the kind for babies)
  • Plastic tunnels
  • Rolled up newspaper
  • Soft toys
  • Timber houses
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Treat balls
  • Untreated wicker baskets
  • Wood chews
  • Wicker balls

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